Marketing and brand management

As marketing and brand consultants, it is important to point out that the terms “marketing” and “brand” encompass such a wide spectrum of services. The difference between branding and marketing is not clear to many people – in a nutshell, your brand represents who you are as a business, and marketing is the activities and tools that a business uses to communicate their brand to customers and potential customers.

It is criticla for businesses to have a solid brand and marketing strategy, and then to implement and measure this.A 360 degree marketing and brand strategy, encompasses a long list of elements, off of which we can assist you with. These include:

  • Physical look and feel
  • Advertising
  • Stakeholder management
  • Events and promotions
  • External communications
  • Internal communications and people change management
  • Customer experience
  • Digital and online
  • PR and media
  • Brand ambassors, brand affiliation and brand advocacy
  • Database management

This is a big and overwhelming spectrum for many business to navigate without the necessary resources, and that is where we povide value to so many businesses. We’ll get to understand your business really well, help you navigate which elements are needed for your branding and marketing, and then work on the strategy and implementation to use these elements to add real value to your business.