Jan Grobler

Jan GroblerJan Grobler has 26 years of experience in the Information industry and his most recent role was as Account Sales Manager, following a role of Client Business Manager responsible for client relationship management.

Jan has worked predominately with strategic business activities in the Insurance Industry.  As part of a team responsible for complex client solutions outside the standard Service Lines, he has also been responsible for New Business Development and Business Unit Management.

Jan’s areas of responsibility during his twelve years at T-Systems South Africa included solutions assembling, application services providing and e-hosting.  He managed implementations of solutions such as electronic faxing, financial application services and organisational portals for financial institutions and manufacturing organisations.

Prior to this, Jan was a principal consultant with Bentley West Management Consultants.  He specialised in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions ranging from ICT Strategies, ICT Architectures, ICT management processes, Information Security, Business Process Re-engineering, Project Management and Business Modelling.  Prior to joining Bentley West, he worked for IBM Consulting Group.

Jan has managed major IT Architecture projects executed for large South African government organisations.  The projects included a six month project that delivered a complete IT Architecture for this large government organisation.  He also managed several other projects on IT Strategies and IT Application architectures for other government organisations and mining houses.  Prior to these projects he worked on an IT re-organisation project and compiled a blueprint for the governance of the IT organisation of a large chemical engineering and manufacturing concern in South Africa.

Jan designed and implemented a computer resource management strategy for one of the smaller banking groups in South Africa.  He negotiated and positioned the function within the outsourcing company responsible for information technology facilities.  During this period he also facilitated the IT strategy and established the Service Level Agreement and measurement thereof.  He published his strategy and presented two articles at the Computer Measurement Group conference in South Africa.

He conducted research on new technology for one of the bigger banking concerns and subsequently worked with the IBM laboratories in Germany to recommend changes to the operating systems to improve performance and throughput.  The research was then followed by the conversion from the older technology to the new technology. During this phase he helped in setting up the new environment from a technical and human resource perspective.  This included setting up the basic IT organisation and training initial skills.

Jan was also responsible for initiating the transformation of the capacity planning and performance functions into a more mature model of computer resource management for an insurance company.  This included the reengineering of processes and systems.  He developed a methodology to integrate capacity, performance, chargeback, quality assurance and configuration management processes and data.

Jan’s passion is to enable organisations and people to be successful whether it is at technical, governance, organisational culture, process or human interaction level. He is a highly strategic thinker and solution builder.

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