Why work with us?

Extensive Experience

42 years of sales, marketing, PR and comms experience, and 30 years of information management experience. When you partner with us, it’s our expertise you get – not a junior who works with us.


We believe in consulting with integrity – getting our hands dirty, delivering great work, not charging for meetings, and really PARTNERING with our customers. We believe in delivering value and charging fair rates.


We are creative, and we think out the box. We’ve worked with a great diversity of clients and come up with some creative solutions in our time. We are problem solvers


We recognise opportunities instantly – and we act on them, and make things happen. We have our ear to the ground. If there is the chance to create something, fast, and we need to work  all night to effect it, we do.

Dynamic and Flexible

We have had to thrive with constant and big change in our lives and working lives and  – and we love it. If we need to change tack, we can do so instantly, and effectively. We adapt as the situation requires it. We learn very fast.


We understand content, and we know what engaging content is. We can write, well – Kirsten’s writing has been published in magazines for over 10 years, and we’ve lost count how many media releases, company profiles, brochures, mailers, websites and blogs we have written.


We understand techie, and we understand digital. As examples – we can immerse ourselves in Google Analytics, and we can personally run a paid search campaign. We know how to write web copy with optimal on-page SEO and we know WordPress well


We’re great at building and maintaining relationships, networking and collaborating. 71 years of experience makes for a lot of relationships. We have a network of specialists we work with when we need a really specialist skill like graphic design or coding a website.